Following the company’s first trade mission with the Welsh Government to Dubai back in February, BriteAngle now sees itself gearing up for its second international business venture of the year.

This week, BriteAngle company representatives will embark on a five day series of meetings in the Nordic countries of Denmark and Sweden, in the hope that further distribution networks can be established in Northern Europe.

The Dubai mission proved to be full of business potential with meetings held in the company of Dubai’s RTA (Road Transport Association), the Dubai police force, the DFT (Department for Transport) in Abu Dhabi, as well as a series of congregations with business and government officials at the British Embassy.

With Denmark and Sweden just around the corner, the hope is that the upcoming endeavour will prove equally as promising, especially as significant interest in the first product, The BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle has already been signified in those countries.

The time spent in Denmark and Sweden will be used to meet a variety of business and government officials similar to those from the UAE, so stay tuned to find out how well the BriteAngle products are received from our Scandinavian comrades! 

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The ‘BriteAngle’ warning triangle is designed to promote safety by its proper use and does not guarantee that a collision will be avoided or physical injury from a road accident will not occur. Proper use of ‘BriteAngle’ is to place in a visible position in accordance with the road users legislation in the country of use. Following its application all vehicle occupants should vacate the vehicle and take up a safe position away from the road and traffic. Always store the ‘BriteAngle’ in the case provided, failure to do so may result in damage to the product and so affect its performance and condition.