BriteAngle lights up the roads this winter

Now we’re in the depths of winter, and the nights are long and dark, road safety is a major issue. Visibility has dropped significantly, and any unexpected stops at the side of the road are considerably more dangerous.

These conditions make spotting a hazard more difficult, and you need to increase your stopping distances to reflect the road conditions. This means that stopping at the side of the road because of a breakdown, flat tyre, or for any other reason is even more dangerous. 

If you need to stop at the side of the road, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk to yourselves and other road users. You can help to keep occupants of the stopped vehicle safe by putting hazard lights on, turning the engine off, and standing as far away from the road as possible.

According to rule 126 of The Highway Code, motorists should also place a warning triangle 35 metres away from their vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident. This advice should be adhered to warily, however, as it may not be safe to walk 35 metres down the road from your car. For example, conventional warning triangles should not be used on motorways.

Motorists could also consider a number of innovative new road safety products, including the BriteAngle. Its flashing, high-intensity LEDs allow a hazard to be seen from up to 300 metres away, meaning motorists can set it up behind their vehicle, vastly increasing the warning to approaching vehicles. BriteAngle’s quality design and production mean that it also remains stable and sturdy up to 45 mph, making it more reliable in adverse weather.

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The ‘BriteAngle’ warning triangle is designed to promote safety by its proper use and does not guarantee that a collision will be avoided or physical injury from a road accident will not occur. Proper use of ‘BriteAngle’ is to place in a visible position in accordance with the road users legislation in the country of use. Following its application all vehicle occupants should vacate the vehicle and take up a safe position away from the road and traffic. Always store the ‘BriteAngle’ in the case provided, failure to do so may result in damage to the product and so affect its performance and condition.