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By far the majority of feedback we receive from customers is positive; they comment on the quality of our products, the packaging, ease of use and value for money.

But it’s fair to say that we also get the odd negative comment about the price of the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle and we think it’s important to recognise that and take all of your feedback on board.

So in this blog post, we wanted to address a question we’ve been asked in the past:

Why should I buy a BriteAngle when I can get a warning triangle for £5?

Yes, it’s true that plenty of warning triangles can be picked up for under £10 and we would never deny that. However, we believe it’s important to distinguish between the safety features and quality of the BriteAngle compared to similar products on the market today.

Firstly, where conventional warning triangles depend on the headlights of oncoming traffic - as well as the correct beam angle of those headlights to highlight a person’s whereabouts - the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle does not leave safety to chance.

Its LED powered lights can be seen from up to 300m away day or night, withstand winds of up to 45mph and be assembled in seconds.

Secondly, with its built-in switch mechanism, motorists will have peace of mind that the batteries will not accidentally run out when in storage (which we include for free!).

And finally, the protective case doubles up as the triangle’s stand and has a storage compartment that contains a bracket and suction cup (also included for free!), so the triangle can be placed on the back of a lorry, van or motorhome - as well as on the ground.

Another question we’ve been asked by motorcyclists about the BriteAngle MotoBrite is:

Why should I buy a MotoBrite when I can put my hazards on if I breakdown?

Like the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle, the MotoBrite is battery operated (3 x AA batteries are included at no extra cost!), so the high-intensity LED lights will illuminate even if your motorcycle battery is flat.

We hope these answers are helpful.

We really appreciate all of your feedback, so please keep it coming. You can send us an email at sales@roadsafetydesign.co.uk or get in touch via social media:

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