With the release of the MotoBrite edging closer and closer and with excitement among professionals and the public rapidly increasing too, last week we decided to experience the hype first hand by taking a trip to a biker’s cafe in the Abergavenny area...
The Oasis snack bar is a magnet for motorcycle enthusiasts and an ideal pit stop for all riders taking a breather on their Sunday afternoon adventure through Welsh countryside. 
Armed with a MotoBrite, a camera and some warm clothes, the BriteAngle team set out to capture the thoughts of budding bikers on the soon-to-be-released BriteAngle MotoBrite.

It’s safe to say that from all those spoken to, opinions were heavily in favour of how useful the MotoBrite will be to all motorcyclists once released, and how safe it will keep all road users. 

With the help of a willing rider, we were able to show everyone the process of attaching the MotoBrite to the back of a motorcycle using the universal bracket, and then how to use it once stopped on the roadside. This was great as its usability and practicality were showcased first hand to everyone there, drawing plenty of intrigue and even more support.

The beauty of a biker’s cafe is that an all manner of people with different backgrounds congregate with one common passion; motorcycling. This was incredibly useful for the BriteAngle team as we were able to gather a variety of opinions, suggestions and experiences around everything road safety. 

From ex police officers to seasoned tour riders, the consensus was that the MotoBrite will be of great use for all riders regardless of age, travelling distance or riding experience.   
What’s more is that as well as the great feedback we received on the MotoBrite, we were also given great suggestions of other biker’s cafes to spread the BriteAngle message even further. So stay tuned for more biker’s cafe adventures as well as all things MotoBrite. 

If you’re interested in winning one of the first MotoBrites of the production line, follow the link below and register for your chance to win!  

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