Last week some of the BriteAngle team took a trip into the Welsh valleys, where the soon to be BriteAngle family of products will be manufactured.

DB Mouldings Ltd, a plastic injection mouldings company situated in Abercynon, Mountain Ash has been an integral part of the BriteAngle company journey. Founded in 1994, DB Mouldings Ltd has grown from strength to strength providing some of the biggest companies with bespoke plastic moulded products.

It was this bespoke service that gave birth to our first product, the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle, which is now sold all over the world. More recently with the help of DB Mouldings, and as those of you that have followed the story, BriteAngle is on the cusp of releasing its latest product, the BriteAngle MotoBrite.

A long awaited product in the motorcycle world, this revolutionary piece of kit is in its final stages of quality assurance before its release in just a few short weeks. But before the release, Managing Director Steve Wornham made the trip to Abercynon to do some quality testing of his own, checking everything from the tooling to the production line. So we thought why not get some pictures in the process!

We were lucky enough to have Paul Fears behind the lens, as Paul has specialised in manufacturing photography in the past, he knew exactly how to get the most out of the scene and we managed to get some really great shots, so stay tuned to see Steve in action with the DB Mouldings team, as well as the long awaited MotoBrite launch!   

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