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Just a quick email to thank the gentleman who stopped on seeing that my wife and I broken down on the A48 Crack Hill on Sunday and very kindly donated this very clever design.. I was driving a old Classic Car which isn't fitted with any hazard warning lights, this seemed to be continually catching people out coming up the hill as it was stationery!.. Once the BriteAngle was put behind the car we saw a marked improvement in the way the traffic saw our car and where able to merge into the second lane a lot sooner going up the hill..The BrightAngle is very compact and folds down perfectly into a neat package so takes very little storage space..It is very simple to set up and its flashing lights instantly draw attention which in turn makes other drivers more aware of the danger ahead..Even in daylight with the sun shining it was very effective and as previously mentioned made an instant improvement in what could potentially have be a danger to other drivers or ourselves..
Neil McPherson - Cardiff
Be Seen - Be Safe
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‘BriteAngle’ is designed to promote safety by its proper use and does not guarantee that a collision will be avoided or physical injury from a road accident will not occur. Proper use of ‘BriteAngle’ is to place in a visible position in accordance with the road users legislation in the country of use. Following its application all vehicle occupants should vacate the vehicle and take up a safe position away from the road and traffic. Always store the ‘BriteAngle’ in the case provided, failure to do so may result in damage to the product and so affect its performance and condition.